The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) comprises the MA TEFL, MPSIA, LL.M. and BA in English & Communications degree programs as well a number of certificate programs and research centers.  At his inauguration as President of Brown University, Dr. Vartan Gregorian said, “Liberal education does more than acquaint students with the past or prepare them for the future.  It gives them perspective for reflection upon the nature and texture of their own lives.  It provides them with standards by which to measure human achievement and to recognize and respect the moral courage required to endure human anxiety and suffering.” This is a broad vision of liberal education we strive for at AUA.

CHSS welcomes students to the study of humankind around the globe through the ages, to the exploration of our collective and individual works of creativity and to an appreciation of our common and unique heritage and human capacities.  In CHSS, undergraduates will find General Education courses ranging from philosophy, language, literature and history to political science, economics, psychology and law.  The CHSS Associate Dean of General Education is ready to guide undergraduates AUA’s general education program and support faculty in developing general education courses.   If you want to understand why we are the way we are, CHSS courses offerings are the place to start.

For more information about the degree programs, admissions requirements, faculty and research in CHSS: