BA in English and Communications

The BA in English and Communications aims to equip students with excellent English language and communication skills and build upon a strong liberal arts foundation to enable them to secure entry-level positions or pursue further studies.

The Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes of the BA in English and Communications were developed to provide students with a deeper understanding of the degree program and a description of the competencies they can expect to possess after completing the program.

All students majoring in English and Communications are required to take the core courses. In addition, students have the option of pursuing a general degree, or concentrating in one of two tracks: Public Relations, or Writing and Translation, by taking 5 courses in that track.

The BA in English and Communications is offered as part of AUA’s liberal arts education. Program-wide and university-wide goals were designed to ensure that AUA’s BA graduates become not only specialists in their fields, but also develop into well-rounded individuals, able to think critically and creatively, to learn independently, to understand different thinking traditions, to work collaboratively, and to interact with people from different cultures and disciplines.


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