Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy

Program Description

The Master of Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy (MAIRD) is designed to prepare students with the necessary knowledge and tools required for careers in global service within governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations. Using an interdisciplinary approach to critically assess and examine changing dimensions of international governance and diplomacy, this degree equips students with the relevant conceptual frameworks, robust methodologies and innovative problem-solving skills to address the most pressing challenges of regional and global politics.

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

The curriculum is tailored to allow students to major in areas most relevant to their desired careers, including offering study-abroad opportunities in several European universities through Erasmus+ Student Credit Mobility programs. Students will expand their horizons with the help of experienced faculty members — who have both academic and hands-on experience in their fields of expertise — and will learn how states interact and international conflicts are mitigated in a variety of international and inter-state frameworks.

More advanced knowledge in the Caucasus, the Middle East and Russian politics will allow students to look beyond the generally accepted regional narratives and develop new ways of looking into the problems. Courses such as Country Risk Analysis or Foreign Policy Analysis will help students understand the most important factors affecting decisions made by governments. In this segment of the program, MAIRD focuses on sharpening analytical thinking and applying theoretical foundations of international relations onto practical cases.

MAIRD prioritizes knowledge and soft skill development in its students, aiming to instill a solid understanding of both the main analytical techniques and research tools, as well as critically synthesizing a large body of thought on international relations and diplomacy.

Graduates of the MAIRD program typically land jobs in the public and private sectors, in international organizations in Armenia and beyond. The program also features a rigorous research component which equips graduates with the necessary theoretical and practical skills in high-quality problem-solving and writing tasks.

Admissions Information/Requirements

Admission into the MAIRD program is based on several intertwined criteria. The admissions committee uses a holistic approach to assessing each individual candidate, as both a student and potential future practitioner. Graduates of any undergraduate programs are welcome as MAIRD aspires to diversify the profile of students in its classrooms. In addition to degree requirements, a candidate must also achieve a high score on a standardized English proficiency test to prove his/her English competency meets the rigors of this program. A minimum score of 79 for TOEFL or 6.5 for IETLS is required. Optional interviews of candidates, based on the admission committee’s recommendation, may be undertaken to gain a more in-depth understanding of the motivations and expectations of the prospective student.